Art Show 2008

Sprayed: Ink and Watercolor on wood

Skully Pen and Watercolor on wood. 4" x 8"

Pen and Watercolor on wood. 4"x 8".

Pen and Water color on wood 3"x 10"

Watercolor and Pen, Computer Enhanced

Pen and Watercolor

Pryed: Pen and Watercolor

Pen, Pencil and Spray Paint. 9"x 12"

Pen and Spraypaint

Pen and Paint Marker on recycled cardboard. 9" x 12"

Pen and Paint Marker on recyled Cardboard 9" x 12"

Spray Paint and Marker, sealed. Canvas 10"x 20"

Spray Paint and Pen on linen canvas. 8" x 10"

Spray Paint and Marker on canvas.Sealed 4" x 5"

Hand-drawn computer colored

SelfPortrait made in Illustrator 12" x 24"

Made in Illustrator.

  • For Art Show hosted by the Rec Room

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